I’m sure I’m not the only one going through an emotional weight loss. Weight loss, in general, is tough and it’s hard to stay focused all the time.

Not only are you hungry, but you are also processing what you are going through and you are working through why you gained the weight in the first place. It’s hard – there is no secret about it.

It has been five days since I started this journey and I wanted to give an emotional check-in to ensure this process is as honest as possible.

Let’s just refresh here. This is what I saw on the scale on Monday this week.

I’ll be completely honest – I was shocked. I wasn’t surprised because I had weighed myself earlier in December and I was about 6 pounds lighter. I knew I was over 200 pounds, but I didn’t think I had gained 6 pounds over the holiday period.


I’m also trying to process how I’m feeling as I’m losing weight. I’m having a lot of “what if” thoughts – what if I lose the weight, how would I feel, what if I fail, what if I give up, what if, what if, what if…

Right now, this emotional weight loss isn’t pushing me to the point of tears, but I am feeling a bit of pressure to do well. I don’t want to disappoint myself or my kids. I just want to be a healthy mom and be here for a long time.

If you want to join me on my weight loss journey, you can read my updates right here. Throughout my weight loss journey, I’m also working on becoming a certified yoga instructor. Due to this, I have additional products that I use, all of which you can find here.

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