Losing weight with yoga is my main goal for 2021. I made this decision in early October 2020 because I realized that I had been at a complete standstill throughout the year.

It’s no secret that the whole pandemic changed a lot for me. It changed a lot for everyone.

Two weeks into the first shutdown in March, I took a tumble down the stairs. At the time, it didn’t seem too dramatic. It was just a ‘simple slip’. However, I ended up breaking my left ankle in six places, and on the outer side, it was completely shattered. I had surgery and ended up with a plate, screws, and ripped ligament, that was sewn shut.

As people who may have broken their ankles before know, the recovery is painful and slow. Very slow. I had to learn how to walk away and I spent months in physiotherapy. In October 2020, we had been in quarantine for almost 8 months and I realized that if I needed to change my life and lose weight, I had to do something I could do within my house.

With two small kids at home, there was no way I’d ever get out to work out, especially during a pandemic.

The major motivation for losing weight

Now, if you are wondering why I’m documenting everything on a website – well, no worries. I’ll explain it.

I’ve actually done this one before, but not in great detail with a blog and weekly website updates. But I once had an Instagram account, where I documented my journey, I found an absurd amount of accountability.

Strangers, who had no idea who I am, followed along as I lost 30 pounds as part of my fertility treatment so I could have my second child. I knew right away that this was my key to success. Sharing my journey with the world was my way of losing weight successfully.

And now, I’m doing it again. Not for fertility treatments. But for myself.

Am I really losing weight with yoga?

Yes and no.

It’s not the yoga that’s going to be the massive needle mover here. Nutrition is what will make me lose weight. Yoga will be my form for physical exercise, but it’ll be more than that.

Throughout this journey, I’m going to educate myself to become a yoga instructor. Not because I want to be a yoga instructor, but I was to educate myself about the practice of yoga while I go on this journey. As I learn more about nutrition, I’m also going to educate myself as a Nutritional Coach, focusing on health and nutrition life coaching for those looking to lose weight the healthy way.

This isn’t just a diet. This is more than a lifestyle change. This is a lifestyle transformation.

You can learn more about me here if you want to know more about me personally. Throughout this journey, I plan on staying private for now, but that may change. You do realize how nerve-wracking this is, right?

So, what I am using in terms of products, mats, etc throughout this journey?

I’ve created a section on this website called Products where you’ll find Amazon affiliate links to the products. I should explain that I get a commission if you buy the products through my links. All that means is that you support me in documenting my journey online and on this website!

Are you joining me on this journey? If you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, chances are that your mind may not be ready. You have to be in the right mindset to lose weight to stay on track and continue despite falling off the wagon.

Need to know if you are ready? Get my 10 questions to test your own determination and mindset and see if this is the year you’ll get healthy with me!

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