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Welcome to Weight Loss With Yoga

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog in late 2020 with the goal of starting a weight loss journey in January 2021, – a journey I chose to document. Now, why would I document this journey?

I’m not doing it for attention. In fact, I would prefer that my face and pictures of my excess fat don’t get out for people to see. I’m doing it for accountability because that’s one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to weight loss. I have been successful in weight loss before – but only because I had people hold me accountable.

If you want to start a weight loss journey too and want someone to do it with you, you’ve come to the right place. This is the page where you can explore what this website has.

What Are You Struggling With To Obtain The Weight Loss You Wish?

If you are here because you want advice on starting your yoga journey to become a certified yoga instructor, explore the lifestyle section.

Explore this section if you want advice and recipes in regards to what food you should eat while trying to lose weight. I share everything I eat in the recipe section.

It’s no secret that losing weight brings on lots of different emotions. If you are struggling with your emotions, explore the lifestyle section.

Here Are The Products I Use Regularly On This Journey

Do you need products to lose weight? No, you do not! These products are some that I’ve chosen to buy to help me along with this journey. But you don’t need these products to lose weight. You simply need nutritional guidance and education so you know what to eat!

If you are thinking about losing weight, start here. Start with proper nutrition and a bit of daily movement. You don’t need a gym membership and a nutritionist to start here, right now!

Gaiam Restore Mini Band Kit, Set of 3, Light, Medium

Gaiam Restore Mini Band Kit

yoga mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick

yoga blocks and strap

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block 2-Pack & Strap

yoga strap

Yoga Strap with 12 Loops

Want more details about this journey?

Use this email to contact me about affiliate relationships, sponsorships, blogging content and more. I’m open to working with companies and individuals to achieve similar results.